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Instrument asset management

We enter and manage all of your measuring equipment in a database meeting all the significant functions of measuring equipment management. As our customer, you have online access to that database and can use it to administer and manage your measuring equipment at no additional cost.

Many of our customers use this database as the exclusive means for administering their measuring equipment. Of course, interfaces to external databases can also be set-up upon request.

KAN - Instrument asset management

All measuring equipment we handle is marked accordingly, and the current calibration date is entered accordingly (can only be modified by us). You have access to your calibration certificates we have stored for your measuring equipment.

So, if the question of proper calibration arises within the scope of an audit, you can refer directly to the measuring equipment data and protocols in our database.

Of course, customers only have access to their respective accounts. Depending on the role allocation, read/write authorisation can also be assigned. It's also just as much a given that all data are secured on a regular basis via back-ups.

KAN service features
  • Full online measuring equipment management on the Internet
  • 24/7 customer access to their data
  • Many customers then don't go to the trouble of physically storing their protocols and handling their own measurement equipment management
  • Exportability to other databases
  • Ability to allocate cost centres and further customer-specific functions
  • Manual modification to equipment data: Measurement equipment management can be handled by both sides in an ongoing manner (sole exception: the actual calibration data)
  • Preparing measurement data for delivery to KDK
  • Redundant system architecture and continuous data back-up guarantee that documentation is preserved
  • Potential to modify the information displayed on screen and print out individually
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions:
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