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Dimensional measurement

Dimensional measurement

The dimensional measurement covers all variations of measurements up to 3 dimensions. It is used for calibrating both manual measurement devices and gauges as well as general measuring instruments.
A broad spectrum of measuring dimensions is accredited in DAkkS. You'll find a corresponding overview here.

Our laboratory has a sophisticated climate control system with various zones in which measurements can be performed with significantly higher precision, even on longer gauge blocks, than those included in our accreditation documents.

All procedures are, to the extent technically possible, performed and documented under computer control.
The following calibrations can be performed in our laboratory or as an on-site calibration:

Thematic areas
  • Calibration of manual measurement devices like calipers and outside micrometers
  • Calibration of measurement standards with length comparators
  • Calibration of gauge blocks, angle gauge blocks and special gauge blocks
  • Calibration of plug gauges, mandrels and testing pins
  • Calibration of dial gauges and incremental and inductive probes
  • Calibration of measuring bars, angle measurement devices and glass scales
  • Calibration of Shore Hardness Testers, altimeters and Surface Roughness Testers
  • Calibration of coordinate measuring machines, measuring microscopes and profile projectors
  • Calibration of special- purpose gages self constructions and prismatic work pieces

Calibration wiki
Calibration of gauge blocks
Calibration of gauge blocks


Workstations: 18
Employees: 10
Temperature: 20°C (+/- 1°C)
Air humidity: ≤50% (+/- 10%)

Measuring specifications

Test dimension Measuring area
Length 0,1 µm - 10 m

Selected technical equipment

  • ABBE comparator
  • 3D coordinate measuring device, Zeiss
  • 1 servo drive, SIP
  • Autocollimator with and without focal distance adjustment
  • Block gauge equipment, Steinmeyer
  • Dial indicator test stand, Mahr Optimar 100
  • Measuring microscope, OGP Smartscope
  • Laser interferometer
  • Optical coordinate measuring equipment GOM ATOS
Product examples
  • Gauge blocks from 0.1 mm to 1000 mm
  • Gauges and setting dimensions
  • Special gauges according to test plan, drawings and customer instructions
  • Thread plug gauges
  • Vernier callipers
  • Micrometers
  • Dial gauge
  • Indicating calliper
  • Angle metres and angles
  • Benchmarks, measuring tape and much more in all standard measuring arenas.

Product examples
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Temperature measurement
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