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Electrotechnical lab

Electrotechnical lab

Since the founding of our company, the calibration of electronic devices has always been a main priority of our laboratory.

Because we put emphasis on the reliability of our calibrations, we have always used computerized calibration software to support our work.
Nowadays we are working with the latest programs such as METCAL- and LABVIEW to ensure our quality.

Our well trained and experienced technicians make calibrations for every measuring device possible.

Even more advanced devices will not cause any problems for us and we are happy to create a calibration procedure to fit every special need you may have.

A detailed overview of our service portfolio can be found here.

As you can see in the overview, we can create flows of 800A AC and 1500A DC to calibrate very small electrical resistances or shunts.
Also we have built a Faraday cage for high resistances or small currents.

To complete our portfolio, we have added a workspace for repairing, which enables us to fix and adjust your measurement devices.


  • Low frequency: 5 fully equipped workstations
  • Low frequency with calibrators and voltage standards
  • High frequency area, in which electromagnetic compatibility measurements are performed
  • Faraday cage for high resistance and small currents
  • Workstation with time standard for frequency measurements
  • Repair workstation

Calibration wiki
Electric calibration
Electric calibration

Workstations: 9
Employees: 7
Temperature: 23°C (+/- 2°C)
Air humidity: ≤50% (+/- 20%)

Measuring specifications

Test dimension Measurement focus
Direct voltage 1 µV - 25 kV Measuring equipment up to 25 kV
Direct current amperage 1 µA - 1.000 A Measuring equipment up to 800 A
Alternating voltage 10 mV - 5 kV Measuring equipment up to 5 kV
Alternating current amperage 1 µA - 700 A Measuring equipment up to 20 A
Power 1 nW - 1 kW  
Resistance 1 m? - 10 T?  
Capacities 1 pF - 10 mF  
Inductivities 100 µH - 10 H  
Frequency 1 mHz - 18 GHz  
Oscilloscope 5 mV - 200 V Vertical deflection

Product examples

  • Multimeter
  • Calibrators
  • Voltage standards
  • High voltage measuring equipment
  • Power meter
  • Amplifier
  • Resistance
  • Frequency standards
  • Current clamps
  • Oscilloscope
  • Micro- to tera ohmmeter
  • HF measuring equipment
  • Measuring resistance
  • Shunts

Selected technical equipment

  • Multi-function calibrators, Datron 4808, etc.
  • Calibrator for safety test equipment, Fluke 5320A
  • Voltage standard, Fluke 732
  • Oscilloscope calibration station, Datron 9500
  • DKD standard for R, L, C
  • Transfer standard, Datron 4920, 4950
  • Normal frequency receiver with compensation oscillator
  • 8.5-digit DMM HP 3458A
  • Datron 1281
  • Testing equipment for VDE 701
  • Current sources
  • Voltage sources
  • Multimeter

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