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Project measurement

Project measurement and prototype tests

Again and again, complex measuring tasks are encountered during the production process, and even during developmental stages. It comes up frequently that your own machines for measuring are fully engaged.
  • Prototype tests
  • Series tests
  • Production monitoring
  • Acceptance services / certifications

In situations like these, we are happy to be of service. We always keep some capacity available in our machine pool, which we can call upon whenever needed, even on short notice. Our experienced measuring technicians find innovative, pragmatic solutions even for complicated challenges.

Here you'll find information about our dimensions lab, as well as an overview of our areas of expertise and technical equipment.

In addition to traditional tactile coordinate measuring machines and measuring microscopes, our optical 3-coordinate measuring technology should also be mentioned. Digital photos with grids are used to create a digital 3D image that can be compared with the design drawing using an off-colour analysis to reveal deviations with high precision (see image on right).

Prototype tests are performed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, VDA 6.1 or QS-9000. Prior to launching series production, you should show that the properties agreed upon in drawings and specifications have been met. They are also suitable for checking drawing content for compliance with applicable norms.

An overview of our services
  • Contract measurement according to drawing
  • Tactile, with various Zeiss coordinate measuring equipment
  • Optically via points, using OGP measuring microscopes
  • Optically in full, using GOM ATOS system
  • Prototype tests and tests after product modifications
  • Series production measurements, including statistics, assessment and customer-specific visualisation
  • Measuring and constructive consulting regarding the establishment of tolerances
  • Suggestions on form and position tolerance in order to bring the designer's intentions into correct metrological form.
  • Service during series production runs.
  • Measurement programme creation for Zeiss measuring machines
  • We'll create special programmes tailored to your wishes

Calibration wiki
Example of off-colour realisation compared to design drawing
Example of off-colour realisation compared to design drawing

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Temperature measurement
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Project measurement
Project measurement and prototype tests
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