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Express calibration

Express calibrations and minimized processing time

Calibration time
Since every production depends on its measurement instruments, every day on which they are not available, because of a necessary calibration, means deficits.
For this reason we put a lot of effort into processing your measurement devices as fast as possible, so you will have them back for your usage after a maximum of 5 days.

Calibration appointments
You want our standardized calibration but not wait as long as 5 days to have your equipment back?
We are happy to discuss a possible date of delivery to be able to reserve all needed recourses in our laboratory and therefore minimize the time it takes us to calibrate your instruments.
Of course this service it complete free of charge for all our customers.

Express calibrations

The next audit is just around the corner or you have problems which need to be fixed on short notice?
Our express calibration is the solution for your problem. It enables us, due to special agreements with you as the costumer, to perform all necessary measurements on your instruments in just one day, over night or even during weekends.

Pick-up and delivery service

To make the whole process as pleasant and safe as possible for our costumers we offer an easy pick-up and redelivery of your instruments through our transport service. More information can be found here.

You are in need of a calibration but not able to send it to our laboratory?
In this special case we offer our on-site-calibration service, which can be found here.

Calibration wiki
Customer Service in Action
Customer Service in Action

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